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10 years of The Narrative's Self Titled vinyl editions release

The Narrative vinyl was released on October 25, 2011 with 1000 copies


On June 27, 2010, The Narrative released their second studio album "The Narrative. The band at first, published only the digital and a CD copy on their merch store. The vinyl version was released one year after, on October 25, 2011. The Narrative pressed 1000 copies of their album, being 200 a limited edition of a 2xLP in pink and milky purple and the standard 2xLP black version. There was also a 5 test pressing available. The package is a gatefold with a lyrics sheet also. You can see below the packaging:

two vinyls over a white background, the first being a pink one and the other a purple milky transparent both with center label with 3 song names

Lyric sheet of the narrative vinyl with a dark green colored with lyrics in white. on the left page there's a woman with a bird head holding a violin and by her right side a rabbit

On The Narrative's website in 2011, the band shared the information about the vinyl

The Narrative - Self Titled
2xLP 12" GateFold + Digital Download with 3 Bonus Tracks.
Release Date: 10/25   Pre-Order: 9/26-10/10
5 Test Pressings - 200 Pink and Purple (Sides I & II - Pink, Sides III & IV Purple) - 800 Black
Side I
1. Fade
2. Cherry Red
3. Silence and Sirens
Side II
4. Empty Space
5. Winter's Coming
6. You Will Be Mine
Side III
7. Don't Want To Fall
8. Trains
9. Starving For Attention
Side IV
10. I've Been Thinking
11. End All
12. Hard to Keep Your Cool
13. Turncoat

The vinyl is available on The Narrative's Shop in both versions colored and standard. 
Watch the song "Don't Want to Fall" from the limited edition vinyl