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11th Anniversary of The Narrative's Self Titled Album


Listen to "Fade" Demo version from 2009

the narrative self titled the narrative ep digipackToday July 27, The Narrative's album "The Narrative" complets it's 11th year of release. The album released through The Record Collective was produced by Bryan Russell and recorded at Red Wire Audio in New York. 

From Wikipedia: The Narrative received a chance to feature the national campaign launched for Propellerhead called Record, used on its recordings. The album was produced by previous producer Bryan Russell.[2] Originally, the album will feature 15 songs, including "Magazines" and "Like a Prayer". "Magazines" was fused with "Starving for Attention", and "Like a Prayer" was never finished and recorded, being out of the track listing.

After its release, the album was featured in the front page of Myspace U.S and declaring them one of the "Top Unsigned Bands of 2010"

The song "Fade" is featured later on the soundtrack of the film of Starz Media "The Chateau Meroux" released in 2011. Watch the movie clip with the song below

Listen to the album at bandcamp and you can also buy the album with FLAC, AIFF in High Quality for $8.98 here