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(2013) The Narrative - News about the new album

Twin Forks gave an interview to PropertyOfZack and they ended up talking about their bands, what they were planning and how the albums were going. Check out what Suzie said about the progress of the new album:

Your other bands are in what status?(...)
Suzie: Our album is already recorded. It is not mixed or mastered yet. The Narrative has released three albums and a vinyl on our own, within those 5 years. We don't want to take a break from this. We need a team to help us. The Narrative material is coming along little by little. The guys in the band also have things to do. There will be plenty of time for things to happen. I am very excited about our new album.
And still nothing said about the release date, or the name of the album. Still we hope that it will still be released this year. 

Source: PropertyOfZack