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Why 'TNBR' is now 'TNFANS'?

December 20, 2015 The Narrative Brazil
The main reason of why we decided to change The Narrative Brazil to The Narrative Fans.

The website started in 2012 posting news about the band in Portuguese, but the main views to it came from English countries, so in 2014, we decided to post in PT and EN. The end of the year the site only posted news in English. As the old domain contained the 'Brazil' we felt like the site was only directed to Brazilian people and we wanted to get more and more people from other countries to know The Narrative's music, not only Brazil.

So, after a lot of thinking, we decided to take a new step and to create an Worldwide website for The Narrative. The site is still the same, nothing changed, only our url and also we still have the same name on twitter as @the_narrativebr.
We hope more and more people get to know the band and share their music as we do.
- Murilo, creator of TNBR, now TNFANS.