The Narrative's new song 'Monoliths' featured on Bops & Bangers! Podcast

The new song from The Narrative, 'Monoliths' is featured on the GRRRLMusic's Podcast Bops & Bangers!. The song was the week Podcast Break Music to the listeners and they did a little review from it on the Instagram post, you can read below:


Indie folk-rock duo The Narrative have returned from their hiatus to release their first single, “Monoliths”.

A poignant indie folk song that highlights singers Susie Zeldin and Jesse Gabriel’s stunning harmonies. With a traditional twang and a beating melody that keeps the song moving ahead. 🌸

The random hard drum and guitars add an ambiance to the song that gives it that heavier sound and every time it beats, I get those musical tingles ✨✨

Thanks to The Narrative for letting us use their newest single, “Monoliths” in this week’s episode of Bops & Bangers! Make sure you listen to the episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts 💕💕

 Listen to the full episode below. 'Monoliths' is featured around 22:30

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