The Narrative releases their first NFT Project and Collection on Opensea

What is The Narrative’s NFT Project? Read more about their NFTs

106 / 5000 Translation results contains designs of moss green fish jumping into the center of a pool of water under a beige background.
The Narrative’s NFT Project. - Eyes Closed 1/1 Token

The Narrative
updated the band's website with their new project, "The Narrative’s NFT Project". As the name suggests, it's set around NFT's - Non-Fungible Tokens - when a the artists auction their work and a person can get it on the Ethereum's blockchain with cryptocurrency Ether (ETH coin). For some experts, NFTs are part of the web3 revolution and is changing a lot the way we consume things online. And The Narrative is trying now to get their songs and more out there with NFT, "Our NFTs are not just art & music - they are ownership in our band complete with the opportunity to receive financial incentives & rewards."

The idea of this project is about being part of the band's future production and decisions and also getting rewards and royalties share of each song (if available). Each person can get a token that holds the autenticity for the item and it's uniqueness on the ETH blockchain.

Read The Narrative's NFT Project Website

The project collection (at the moment of the release) includes a 

— 50/50 'Monoliths' song alternative cover - Set at .01 ETH each
— 6 1/1 of The Narrative's EP 'Just Say Yes' never seen work in progress artwork - Set at a .05 ETH each
— 1/1 'Monoliths' second alternative cover - Set at a .05 ETH each
— and the "Song Shop" Light and Professional - Set at 1.5 ETH each, only 2 being released at a time.

On the page that The Narrative created on the official site, contain all information about each token of the NFTs exclusive contents, music related recordings and more. They write about this saying:

"What we wanted to do was go beyond simply a collector’s item. While these are unique or limited edition collectibles, we’ve added what we believe to be substantial potential value to ownership, though it depends on us and the owners how far that goes!"

If you find this project interesting, again, we suggest you to read all the post on The Narrative's website that will explain how the band's tokens will work. The band is selling the NFTs through Opensea market, that is also a decentralized platform for artists to grow with their art. Prices and more are set through the Opensea page and The Narrative's website.

Page of website with 4 photos of the NFT tokens with the artworks for the project
The Narrative's NFT page on Opensea.

As the band affirms about the risk of this investment, 

"We’ll always be transparent & are excited about making this work. We’d love to see a success story for all involved! In a world where it seems most NFT projects are just short-sighted cash grabs, we hope to be an exception and in that sense present less risk than most."

You can see the band's NFT collection on the link above or clicking on the image. Take a time to read the band's NFT page to understand the whole project. Also the band can be reached at Twitter via DM (@the_narrative) for questions about this project.

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