The Narrative posts new message on Medium about new song, NFT and more

With a short update on what the band is doing, The Narrative updated their Medium talking about their new song to be release, a new NFT project and about their TikTok. Read the post below

Contain a couple in black and white shot
Photo by Vicky Dinka. The Narrative on Medium

Hey all, will keep this brief since I have a baaaaaad habit of rambling :) Just wanted to share a few updates:

We have a new song we’ll be releasing SOON. It has a similar vibe to Monoliths and we’re super excited about it & will keep you posted as to release date, etc.

We have another song we’ll be recording soon as well, as soon as we write a bridge for it (anyone want to send us a bridge and we’ll just squeeze it in?)

We have a TikTok and we’re really bad at it so if anyone has TikTok expertise hit us up. Otherwise we’ll just keep being super awkward.

We are starting a highly experimental project via NFTs where you (yes, you!) can start making decisions for our band and make it… your band. You can read more about it here: and feel free to contact us with any questions / suggestions / etc.

Thanks for reading this incredibly short message!


You can follow the band on Medium page and keep updated directly through the band.

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