The Narrative's song 'Eyes Closed' reaches 4.3 million views on YouTube

This is the first song of The Narrative to reach more than 4 million views across platforms

Contain a cartoon of a girl holdin a fish net and a spiral of fishes flying to the left
The Narrative's song "Eyes Closed" is the most streamed across platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. The video for the song, which came out in August 30, 2008 was posted months later on YouTube on November 6, 2008 by David Bjerke (The band at this time didn't have a youtube profile). The song first reach the 1 million views around 2012 and now it (at the date of this post) is on the 4.3 million streams on YouTube. Also, "Eyes Closed" is charting on Spotify at the most listened song by the band with 1 million streams.

The song can be listened below at the original uploader channel.

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