10th anniversary of The Narrative's album 'B-Sides and Seasides'

Today, 10 years ago on april 4, The Narrative released their compilation album, B-Sides and Seasides. The album was created to support the band's next record sessions on 2012, for Golden Silence released late 2016, but also with a new sounds for The Narrative songs.

The album is more than a b-side, it features two songs, at the time, only released on tour EPs, "Hallelujah" a upbeat country style song about friendships and "Make It Right", the dramatic piano and violins on Suzie's voice "So, don't kiss me goodbye, don't apologize if wrong, and just make it right." Also featuring acoustic version songs from Just Say Yes and the Self titled, and an slow balad version of the song "Fade".

The album is available on Bandcamp for Hi-Def download and also on any other streaming platform. You can listen to it below on Spotify

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