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'Friends' compilation featuring The Narrative is released


The "Friends" compilation, by Fadeaway records and Enjoy The Ride Records, was released digitally on February 25 and is now available for purchase on vinyl only. The compilation is a project of Michael Dubin and Neil Rubenstein, in light of the passing of Dubin's father in 2002.  "I lost my father to pancreatic cancer in 2002 and I needed to create an amazing compilation and donate all proceeds to cancer research in his memory."

After a 10+ year hiatus, Fadeaway Records returns with “Friends.” A compilation of new & old unreleased songs mastered specifically for vinyl. Fadeaway is partnering with Enjoy The Ride Records to release this 3xLP which will include over 35 songs.

The Narrative releases on the compilation, the song "Hallelujah". Click here to check it out and buy it. All proceeds will go towards cancer research.

The full HD cover can be seen here. Below, Suzie's portrait for the cover

Drawing with crooked lines of a woman with dark hair. Cartoon version of Suzie Zeldin