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Indie Shuffle reviews The Narrative's new song 'California Sun'


The Indie music site Indie Shuffle did a review about The Narrative last song release 'California Sun'. Read the review below

Sounds like: Death Cab for Cutie, The Anniversary

Tags: Indie Rock, Death Cab For Cutie, The Anniversary

Why do we like this?

This is a piece of California in your ears. If you're living there then you will agree. If you've ever been there, then you will also agree. If you have never been, then just picture the most beautiful beaches and canyons and valleys you could ever imagine, and listen to this chilled out jam by The Narrative. 

"California Sun" is smooth rays of golden sunshine shining effortlessly on your face. Unnoticeable yet warm. 

The track starts of smooth and mellow, working its way into your senses. It progresses naturally like a California day does. Slow, mellow, un-rushed. The production continues to build and small elements are introduced ever so often until by the end you have had another eventful day. 

Enjoy this one. It's a keeper. 

- Cyrus Pavel

With the post, The Narrative got a profile at the HyperMachine site, that feature most of the major indie bands released and reviews. You can check the page here.

Listen to 'California Sun' below