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Listen to 'Politics of Youth', The Narrative's new song


The Narrative released their new song "Politics of Youth" today, (02).

The indie-folk and country song features the duo vocals of Jesse and mixed on harmonic chorus as Suzie sings, "And I won't hesitate/Or hide away the truth/the tenderness of age/The politics the youth" with a lovely melodie following it. Listen to it below

The song according to Jesse in a recent post on the band' Medium, was dedicated to his children, "This is a special song to me for one very important reason. It’s the first song I ever wrote as a message for one of my kids. A song meant for them, and not for me. I’ve written some songs in relation to fatherhood (nothing released as of yet!), but this is the only thing I can think of which I’ve written for a child of mine. I hope to write more songs intentionally for my children in years to come, but for all I know this could be the last, and so I need to cherish it."

On the post, Jesse shared a small demo from the song with a different production. The demo feature the song with Johnny Cash's style with a cowntry style with Jesses bass/baritone vocals.

The track complets the band's release of 3 songs in the folk style with "Monoliths" and "Little Boys Break Hearts". For the next year, the band plans on releasing new music.