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Music: Purevolume's Top 20 Unsigned Artist of 2010 List released


The anual PureVolume's list of The Top Unsigned bands was publised and The Narrative is featured in the list. This is a big achievement for the Narrative as PureVolume holds a great music social listening and music sharing. The Top 10 list is a great deal for small bands and raising artists to share their songs with a lot of potential listeners and deals. 

This year, 17 (seventeen) bands were featured in the song list. The band appears at the number 4 on the list with the song "Fade" from the self-titled album. You can see the full list below and listen to Fade.

PureVolume's Top Unsigned bands of 2010

The songs

1 Shake It Off by Asteria
2 Unforgettable by The Best Week Ever
3 Stick Up Kids by Bad Rabbits
4 Fade by The Narrative
5 No Boys In The Ballroom by Scarlet Grey
6 Filthy Halls by Apple Horse
7 A Toast To Like Minds by CRITICS
8 The Smoke by Home Video
9 Tomorrow Don't Matter… by Assemble The Skyline
10 Understanding by Fairline
11 Race Against Time by Our Lives In Motion
12 Girl and the Umbrella by My Genuine Find
13 Greek Fire by The Republic Of Wolves
14 You're Already Gone by The Dig
15 All My Lies by City (Comma) State
16 Minnesota (PureVolume… by Vanaprasta
17 Meet Me Here by The April Year

Also the Daily Unsigned Alumni, 20 bands were featured, The Narrative is featured on the 6th:

The Bands

1 Asteria
2 The Best Week Ever
3 Taylor Thrash
4 Madeira
5 Bad Rabbits
6 The Narrative
7 Scarlet Grey
8 Apple Horse
9 Thats Outrageous!
10 The Polaroid People
11 Home Video
12 Assemble The Skyline
13 Fairline
14 Our Lives In Motion
15 The April Year
16 My Genuine Find
17 The Republic Of Wolves
18 Vanaprasta
19 The Dig
20 City (Comma) State

Here's the PureVolume's Top Unsigned bands page screenshot