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New album: Questions on facebook about the new record

Yesterday on facebook The Narrative took the time to have fans ask about the new album, which is still unnamed, and may be released in 2013 ( learn more here ) .
The questions you can check the facebook post .

The band had the help of Jay Scalchunes ( who played with them on the Warped Tour last year ) on drums, and who recorded many of the songs on the album. They have added to the new project more harmonious elements and arrangements that the other albums didn't have, arrangements that are composed of cellos, clarinets, etc. The name for the album is still unknown, they are thinking about several things and said that the album cover has already been chosen, and that they like it a lot, but it is nothing concrete in this decision.
The release date is still undetermined because there are some things to finish, and the way they think about the release is also not certain, they think about creating something that is different like a Pack.
The lyrics vary a bit, some of them were inspirations from Jesse who tried to explore things from the media and things he really likes. They have already recorded 13 songs and will choose 9 or 10 of them. The others they will figure out how to release in different forms (As far as releases go, we know that the Neil Young cover will be released on a compilation for charity).
They estimate the release of the album to be by the end of this year.

The sound of the new album will be more indie compared to the other projects : 'I think the sound is more indie than pop compared to our last album, but there are still a lot of pop elements. Think Counting Crows and Arcade Fire plus Bon Iver plus Springsteen along with Jimmy Eat World and a bunch of other stuff ;)' - Jesse
As in the other albums there are few electronic elements, and in this new album the electronic elements will be present, but not so much, they will try to explore them in the course of the years, changing the style. There won't be a song present like "Don't Want To Fall" which is just piano and voice, most of them will be slower and only one will have a large part with guitar.

The band receives some donations from fans who help with the cost of the albums ( donate ) and they reward these people who donate with exclusive items, with posters and t-shirts. In September they will ship all the 'Merch Donation Stuff' or by October when everything is right. The band has no plans to tour before they finish the album, they are still looking for a label to release it on, but nothing about which ones they intend to contact has been said yet, only that in the next few months they will be going out looking for them.

A brief summary of what they replied on facebook. More news soon!