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New photo on The Narrative's instagram about 'Monoliths'

To promote the new song "Monoliths", The Narrative had posted a new photo on their Instagram account @thenarrativemusic. The band captioned the photo with the proccess of recording a song during the pandemic of Covid-19:

We have a new song coming out on 6/14. It’s called Monoliths. We recorded it during the pandemic and practiced it on my (Suzie’s) back porch far enough away from each other that we wouldn’t give each other COVID if we had it, but close enough to know we had some really pretty harmonies going. We can’t wait to share it with you. It is the *exact opposite* of a happy summer jam that a band might release around this time of year but we’ve never been good at following the trends so...
Check the photo from Warped Tour in 2011 by Vicky Dinka.

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Suzie with a crooked smile and Jesse poses in front of a unfocused yard with red and yellow house shapes and grass
Suzie and Jesse for Vicky Dinka at Warped Tour in 2011