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NewsDay Explore LI: Kevin Lyman talks about The Narrative on the Vans Warped Tour 2011


A band playing on a stage with a banner in the background in blue with orange letter says 'Kia Kevin Says Stage'
The Narrative on Vans Warped Tour 2011 playing on Kia Kevin Says Stage

Another recent interview with The Narrative was posted online on NewsDay website 'Exploring LI'. This years Vans Warped Tour, the founderĀ Kevin Lyman spoke with Glenn Gamboa about the lineup for the event, and he was feeling a litte worried about it. "Last year, it felt a little fractured at times," Lyman says, calling from a tour stop in Buffalo. "Some acts weren't really involved or engaged." Lyman said to NewsDay.

As the site tells, this year Warped Tour, Lyman decided to choose the acts and listened to all the most recent bands to be featured on the event. And The Narrative, happened to be one of them. Lyman choose the band as he felt good about them "They're good kids". Read below the interview with Lyman and Suzie Zeldin:

Lyman says the change has worked, with attendance back up to 2009 levels. But the switch did mean that some more traditional-sounding Warped Tour bands did not make the cut this year in the name of getting some different styles onto the tour.

That strategy helped Bellmore-based The Narrative, who released their eponymous dreamy pop debut themselves last year, land a slot on the tour.

Singer-keyboardist Suzie Zeldin says the band was surprised to be selected and even more surprised that Lyman chose them to play on his personal showcase, The Kevin Says stage.

"I don't know that we sound like what most people think are Warped Tour bands," Zeldin says. "But it feels amazing to be picked by him. It's such a great opportunity."

Lyman says he enjoyed their music, which isn't as heavy as most bands on the bill, but he liked their appreciation of the opportunity even more. "They're going to go out and work hard to introduce more people to their music," he says. "They're good kids."

Source: Archived page from Newsday