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No Country For New Nashville: The Narrative Debut 'California Sun'


No Country For New Nashville's premiere of new song 'California Sun' and Acme Showcase

Last October 31,the website No Country For New Nashville premiered one of The Narrative's new song "California Sun" and wrote about the performance of the band on their Acme Feed & Seed showcase. You can read the post below

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Long Island transplants The Narrative, when we premiered a new track ahead of their long-awaited sophomore LP. In the months since, the duo, now fully permanent Music City residents, have put the final touches on their upcoming effort, a followup to their 2010 self-titled debut, and will release the album, called Golden Silence, on Dec. 2. Continuing to tease what is one of our most highly anticipated local efforts of the year, the group unveiled another new single, “California Sun,” late last week. Despite the cheery connotations of the title, the song is actually a melancholy, layered, and reflective indie pop tune, chock-full of The Narrative’s signature harmonies, earnest lyricism, and the orchestral bent adopted by their latest material.

You can hear the new song below, and, as we recently announced, you can see The Narrative’s first local show since moving to Nashville, alongside Waterfall Wash and Kayleigh Goldsworthy, on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at our next Acme Feed & Seed showcase. Per usual, the event is totally free (and this one in particular will provide a much needed escape from election day stress), and you can find out all about the lineup right here.

 You can listen to "California Sun" on soundcloud and stream on Spotify here

The Narrative · California Sun