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One year of The Narrative's album recording

This Tuesday (March 26) marked the 1 year anniversary of The Narrative going to the 'barn' in New York to record much of the new album and instrumentals. 
Practically they spent 2 months from April (releasing in this period the EP B-Sides and Seasides) until May, where they took a break from recording. Then the whole year was dedicated to concerts, recording songs and the search for a record label to release the new album. Still without a name and date to be released, what we can say is that it is certain that the new album will have a more indie feel than the pop/rock of the other releases. The number of tracks will probably be 10 of the 13 they recorded, and these 3 will be released in other projects. You can see what they checked out in the post we made. 

Check out the lyric-video of Hallelujah with images of the recording of the album