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The American Creative: The Narrative featured on The Top 20 albums of 2010


The music blog The American Creative posted it's anual list of the Top Albums.For 2010's list The Narrative's debut album "The Narrative" were featured as the 5th top album. The site wrote a small review about the release and featured "End All" as the best song for the album and you can read it below:

5. The Narrative “Self-Titled”

Released: July 27, 2010

Label: The Record Collective

Recommended If You Like: States, Lakes, Paramore

Standout Track(s): “End All”, “Turncoat”, “Trains”, “Winter’s Coming”

What a great release. A widely unknown band, with a beautifully written thirteen track disc, was given the chance to shine. It’s hard to ever be compared to other female fronted bands like Paramore, States, and Versaemerge,  but what seperates The Narrative from those respected bands is their duo vocals. Some songs you’ll hear the beautiful voice of Suzie Zeldin, other songs you will hear the vocals of Jesse Gabriel, but the thing is… it works, and it works very well. Imagine influences of Brand New mixed with female vocals and some piano. Just a very well made disc, very catchy songs, and another one of those CDs that just goes well with a season. For me, that season was fall. Great spin when it’s just starting to get cold, the sun still shines bright, and the leaves begin to fall.

The Narrative “End All”

Listen to End All