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The Narrative at Acme Feed & Seed show hosted by No Country For New Nashville


After a long time without live shows, The Narrative perfomed last night (8) at the Acme Feed & Seed hosted by the site No Country For New Nashville. The band moved to Nashville around 2016 to create more music and seek better oportunities for the band and personal lives. The site posted on Instagram the photo from The Narrative's performance. 

You can check it below

A live stage closeup of three people, the left one is holding a guitar and singing, the middle one is playing a keyboard piano and the right one playing a guitar.

Our buds The Narrative are officially Nashville residents and their first show since moving was stellar!

The Narrative (@thenarrativemusic) @ Acme Feed & Seed (@acmenashville) - 11.8.16 // Photo by @marybethblankenship