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The Narrative featured on Alternative Press' Unsigned Bands, AP Wants You!, issue No. 267.


On 2010, Alternative Press did a review of The Narrative's debut album "The Narrative", saying that "The craftsmanship the trio took into creating the album is evident. Hopefully this will be the last time the Narrative will have to self-release their music; labels, take notice." 

After the release, The Narrative returned to  be featured, this time at the Issue No. 267 "The State Of The Scene" from September 2010. The band appears on the page "Unsigned Bands, AP Wants You!" that you can read below and see the page scan.

HQ: Long Island, NY (
NOW PLAYING: The Narrative


THE STORY SO FAR: Jesse Gabriel (guitar/vocals) and Suzie Zeldin (keyboards/vocals) didn't realize while students at the same high school in Baltimore they'd later start a sunny indie pop band in New York City. In fact, they didn't know each other at all until years later when Gabriel searched for musicians on Craigslist and the pair met in Manhattan for pizza and music talk. "It probably still took a couple of weeks before we figured it out", says Gabriel.

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW 'EM: Rounding out the band with drummer Charlie Seich and after several battles to secure the MySpace URL and trademark from other outfits with the same name. the Narrative grew through digital means. "We were selling CDs across the world before we'd played anywhere outside New York," says Gabriel. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, though, "I din't think we're hip enough for Brooklyn."

The 267 Issue is available on Alternative Press website