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The Narrative featured on The Keep A Breast Foundation campaign at Vans Warped Tour


Suzie and Jesse holding a plaque that read 'More parents would be able to watch their kids grow up" the the Keep a Breast and Imagine If There Was No Cancer banner behind them
The Narrative at Warped Tour's The Keep A Breast Foundation™ Act "Imagine If...There Was No Cancer" Campaign

The Warped Tour is one of the major events for Indie bands and also supporting acts and growing the awereness around important health topics for young people. This year (2011) The Narrative performed on Warped Tour and was featured on Keep a Breast Foundation campaign "Imagine If... There Was No Cancer" video that supports woman with the fight against breast cancer. The video feature dozens of other artists and shows the bands talking about what they thing if there's was no cancer in the world. 

The Narrative was featured at the first part of the video, holding a white board answering the queston: "Imagine if there was no cancer" with "More parents would be able to watch their kids grow up.".

You can watch the video below

The Keep A Breast Website, posted the note about the video. Read it below
This video was filmed at the Keep A Breast Traveling Education Booth, on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour. Imagine if... There was no cancer is an interactive campaign that allows people to participate by sharing their feelings on what it would mean to them if... there was no cancer. This year on the Warped Tour we asked all the bands to Imagine If... Did your favorite Warped Tour band participate? If so comment below and let us know what you think! 
The Narrative also played some acoustic songs at a side event for Keep A Breast. This show was part of the foundation booth selling pins, postcards, t-shirts, water bottles and other signed stuff.

About the brand: The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization. Our mission is to eradicate breast cancer for future generations. We provide support programs for young people impacted by cancer and educate people about prevention, early detection, and cancer-causing toxins in our everyday environment.{alertInfo}