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PropertyOfZack received a note from Jesse about the release of the new album that could happen in 2013, as they still need to find a record label for it. Check out what he said:

The Narrative are hoping to finish up their new record in the fall, and have confirmed that they are aiming for an early-2013 release depending on label and management situations. Check out a message from the band below by clicking “Read More.”

Yes, yes, we still exist. We’ve been hard at work continuing our progress on the new album. By hard at work I really mean things have slowed down some while we tend to other areas of life, but we’ve been formulating a proper schedule for completion.

We are hoping to have the recording process completely done some time in the Fall. After that, we will be exploring our options for labels, PR, management, and those sorts of things. You know, all the fun stuff!

We expect for the album to be released some time in the beginning of next year, but refuse to make any promises based on the 2012 “Don’t want to disappoint you” clause, Article V Section II.

I’ve been listening to The Shins and Sigur Ros, and yesterday re-visited an old favorite, Dave Matthews’ #41 (acoustic version!).

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