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The Narrative is playing a Blink-182 Tribute at EXIT/IN on April 12

Exit/In (Photo from USAToday. Source)

After some months away from social media and news, The Narrative posted a new event on facebook as they will be performing at EXIT/IN in Nashville, TN. The show will be a tribute to Blink-182 with performances of Dude Ranch and the Girl at the Rock Show with The Narrative and a DJ set from William Ryan Key (formerly of Yellowcard) at Exit/In on Thursday, April 12th.

Thanks to these super cool dudes and gal for asking us to HOPPUS on this sweet bill this Thursday at Exit/In in Nashville, TN! If you're around, come and jump around with us!

Publicado por The Narrative em Segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2018

Tickets to event, on the facebook page