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The Narrative posts letter on Medium about 'An effort to be 'back'


The Narrative posted a letter into their new page on Medium, talking about the band's past years since the release of Golden Silence and what happened since then. 

The letter starts with 

I guess I should begin with the expectation that very few people will read this. As a band, we have been fairly inactive and off the grid for around 10 years now. Our last release, “Golden Silence” (the record I am honestly most proud of to this day!) was released in 2016, though we actually recorded that album in 2012.
This delayed release is actually a microcosm of a larger symptom of issues that started not long after our 2011 tour with Eisley, the last tour we had together.
I’d like to use this post to accomplish a couple of different goals:

1. Give some context around what happened to us and why we stopped making music.
2. Talk about how we plan / hope to make music in the future.
The band talks about the journey with them since the tours and about financial crisis as a independent band. Also, about the new projects coming soon, as they expect to release new songs soon.

Real the full letter here.