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The Narrative publish video about 'Toe the Line' production

Posted on facebook, The Narrative talked about the production of the song "Toe the Line" with a video, that we talked about a long ago, when the band where still on the barn, recording the new album. Check out the post bellow and also the video featured in the post. If you can't open it, click here.
For those of you curious about how a song goes from an idea to a recording... there are many steps along the way, but this video was shot during one of the final stages of workshopping Toe the Line before recording it. Just guitar, keys, drums, and one crappy iphone filter. At this point the intention is really just to run through the song and make sure there's nothing sticking out as strange or bad, and also to get warmed up on some still freshly written parts before having to record them! Anyway, we found this footage from way back when and wanted to share it. The beautiful boy behind the drums is Jay Scalchunes from Peru The Band.

Check the video here