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The Narrative releases new song 'Little Boys Break Hearts'


the narrative little boys break hearts single

The Narrative released their new song 'Little Boys Break Hearts' this Friday (14). The song is part of the band's recent release for the year which will still feature one more single being released by the end of the year.

In a tweet, Suzie Zeldin explained that the idea behind the song, "[...] is about dating someone who might not be emotionally mature enough for a relationship," she comments.

Listen to 'Little Boys Break Hearts

The full story about the song was explained on the band's instagram. The song ended up being written after a conversation Suzie had with her younger sister Victoria. "The song came from a conversation we had after losing power at her apartment and taking a pretty epic walk from Midtown Manhattan to Park Slope, Brooklyn." After a walk and a cup of coffee, the sister confessed that she was talking again with an ex-boyfriend from college, "I was worried; her excitement was palpable and I knew she was already in it all over again." she continues. The sister decides to move across the country to pursue this relationship, which, in the end, did not work out.

Some time later, the song, already formulated in Suzie's head and with the help of Reed Waddle, was finalized and arranged to be recorded only this year. "My sister did eventually "come home" (you’ll get it once you hear the song) and she recently married the most amazing person (spoiler alert, it was not the “Little Boy” referenced in the song)."

Still following the same acoustic folk style as 'Monoliths' - released on July 14, 2021 - 'Little Boys Break Hearts' features The Narrative's signature style of songs with Jesse Gabriel's vocals blending with Suzie's and soft harmonies in the background of the composition.

In the lyrics of 'Little Boys Break Hearts' Suzie sings about the moment when one needs to realize that even though you feel everything is fine, some ways of acting indicate that you need to go home and that even though you think this time it will work out, it's a mistake you should risk making alone, "This mistake is yours to make/ Yours and yours alone."

The single's cover was created by graphic artist Malaka Gharib, author of several books such as award-winning "I Was Their American Dream" and the more recent "It Won't Always Be Like This".

The band has plans for new releases also in 2023 as Medium posts about the future of The Narrative. Follow the band on instagram and listen to more music on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.