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The Narrative shares the story behind their first Photoshoot on 2008


The Narrative's Instagram post about their first photoshoot and the 'piss' looking bottle

Suzie posted a new photo on The Narrative's instagram talking about their first photoshoot in 2008 with Lindsay Blair. The caption for the post tells what is the concept of the photoshoot and what happened.

Read it below:

I have to give Jesse credit for giving me a lot of creative license when it came to art or photos for The Narrative. This is from one of our first photo shoots ever. It was taken on a Brooklyn rooftop on Tillary Street across from the Manhattan Bridge where we were recording the Just Say Yes EP. My brain was like... well the artwork for the EP has fish and this boy holding a fishbowl... let’s take some photos with fishbowls. And off I went to the pet store. Can you imagine what they thought when I bought like 10 fishbowls?! The answer is NOTHING. New York City is a strange place and there are way stranger people doing farrrrrr more questionable things than stocking up on fishbowls. How did I even get anywhere with 10 fishbowls? Did I have a cart? That’s the real unsolved mystery. Oh and then there was the food coloring. Because magical fish need magical water, obviously & everyone knows food coloring is basically magic. Yellow food coloring was a mistake though, in hindsight. Just looked like a bowl full of pee. However, through the power of cropping and the glory of the Sepia filter, we managed a decent promo shot for the time. Plastered that shit all over MySpace. 😘 Will post a bunch to stories soon. Drop me an emoji if you got to the bottom of this post and I’ll pick someone at random & send over a copy of our EP in the mail (signed if you’d like, up to you). Weeeee! #giveaway #goodmusic


Original post on instagram here.

Click here or on the photo below to see the photoshoot in High Quality.