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The Narrative story: What is The Narrative first song ever released?

First photo on January Window (The Narrative) Myspace

The story of The Narrative band start with Jesse Gabriel on 2006 posting a letter to Craigslist looking for another musician to join him at a band project. He was looking for New York musicians and one of the answers for this Craigslist Ad was from Suzie Zeldin. The two soon after find out that they had attended at the same school and never met each other there. The band so decided to name themselves as 'January Window' from a Sylvia Plat poem. The band created their first MySpace page. Under the name of January Window, The Narative released their first song on January 01, 2007 titled 'End All Arrival' (that was later released on the band's debut album). January Window decided on changing their name to The Narrative Paradigm, but was too wordy, so with a short version, they became The Narrative.

End All Arrival "is" still available on MySpace, but there's no way on playing it. But, we saved the audio and reuploaded it on YouTube. You can stream The Narrative (January Window) first debut song 'End All Arrival' below.