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The Narrative to release new song 'Moving Out' on January 12th

The Narrative have posted on their facebook page about the release of their new song called "Moving Out", off from their new album to be released in 2016. Check bellow the post for more details about the song.

Hello pumpkins! Please find below The Narrative's "Sunday Evening Guide Of Stuff You Should Do - 01/10/2016":
1) Familiarize yourselves with the amazing website, No Country For New Nashville at Check out our Instagram for something exciting at Head to our mildly updated website for a new blog post and about section at http://www.thenarrativemusic.com4) Familiarize yourselves with the lyrics at!moving-out/p9z105) Head over to No Country For New Nashville this TUESDAY 01/12/2016 to hear our new track, "Moving Out".
6) Celebrate with swedish fish, laser beams, margaritas, or however you usually celebrate.
7) Leave some love for us here, and check back in with us Tuesday!

The new song will be release this Tuesday on No Country For New Nashville.

You can stream 'Moving Out' on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

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