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The Narrative's song featured on MTV's TV Show Jersey Shore. Where to watch it

Source: MTV Jersey Shore

After the release of 'Just Say Yes', The Narrative is getting more attention and get to be featured on last night episode of MTV's Show "Jersey Shore'. The song 'The Moment That It Stops' is featured at a small clip when the the cast heads home from the club.

We can't share the clip due to copyrights infringments, but you can watch the show on MTV page for free. See the full featured song list

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Dandylion Warpaint – Déjà vu

(scene: Mike calls a cab in the morning for the girl from the club)

Atlantic Line – The Muscle & Charm

(scene: Vinny and Pauly play foosball)

Kopek – Bring It On Home

(scene: The cast heads to the club)

Phive – Politics & Fashion feat. K.O. Kid

(scene: Mike meets the twins)

The Narrative – The Moment That It Stops

(scene: The cast heads home from the club)

Immune – My Silent Choir

(Act out)

Marc Robillard – Blown Away

(scene: Ron and Sam get back together)

National Skyline – Act Like We Do

(scene: Ron and Sam return to the house)

Pance Party – Mumble

(scene: The cast heads to the club)

Aitan – Top Of The World

(scene: The cast takes center stage at the club)

Kate Crash – Generation Of The Bored

(scene: The twins head home home with the cast)

Immune – I’d Rather Die

(scene: Snooki and Mike fight)

Heavy Young Heathens – Hand Me Downs

(Act in)

Hogni – Big Personality

(scene: The cast goes to sleep)