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Twitter: The Narrative announces new songs for 2021 via Crypto Art collaboration


Around November 18, 2020, we posted some photos from Jesse into the studio recording some songs. At that moment nothing was confirmed by the band to be a new release. Yesterday (feb 03, 2021) The Narrative on twitter announced the release of new songs for this year. The band also did ask about a way to share this via Cripto Art and NFT, or non-fungible tokens.

What is NFT

"Crypto Art refers to rare digital artworks associated with unique tokens that exist on the blockchain. Similar to traditional artwork, the concept allows you to buy, sell, and trade digital goods as though they were physical." as is explained by Adam Korenman into "School Of Motion" (link

 Updates from this news might come on the future. See below the tweet and also follow the band at @the_narrativeThe band is looking for artists to produce a art for the songs and sell it via Crypto Art and NFT.

The band plans on releasing a new project soon. You can follow them at social media for the news and when this will be available.