Friday, 2 April 2021

The Narrative posts letter on Medium about 'An effort to be 'back'

The Narrative posted a letter into their new page on Medium, talking about the band's past years since the release of Golden Silence and what happened since then. 

The letter starts with 

I guess I should begin with the expectation that very few people will read this. As a band, we have been fairly inactive and off the grid for around 10 years now. Our last release, “Golden Silence” (the record I am honestly most proud of to this day!) was released in 2016, though we actually recorded that album in 2012.
This delayed release is actually a microcosm of a larger symptom of issues that started not long after our 2011 tour with Eisley, the last tour we had together.
I’d like to use this post to accomplish a couple of different goals:

1. Give some context around what happened to us and why we stopped making music.
2. Talk about how we plan / hope to make music in the future.
The band talks about the journey with them since the tours and about financial crisis as a independent band. Also, about the new projects coming soon, as they expect to release new songs soon.

Real the full letter here.

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Twitter: The Narrative announces new songs for 2021 via Crypto Art collaboration

Around November 18, 2020, we posted some photos from Jesse into the studio recording some songs. At that moment nothing was confirmed by the band to be a new release. Yesterday (feb 03, 2021) The Narrative on twitter announced the release of new songs for this year. The band also did ask about a way to share this via Cripto Art and NFT, or non-fungible tokens.

"Crypto Art refers to rare digital artworks associated with unique tokens that exist on the blockchain. Similar to traditional artwork, the concept allows you to buy, sell, and trade digital goods as though they were physical." as is explained by Adam Korenman into "School Of Motion" (link

 Updates from this news might come on the future. See below the tweet and also follow the band at @the_narrative The band is looking for artists to produce a art for the songs and sell it via Crypto Art and NFT.


Por volta de 18 de novembro de 2020, colocamos algumas fotos de Jesse no estúdio gravando algumas músicas. Naquele momento, nada foi confirmado pela banda para ser um novo lançamento. Ontem (fev 03, 2021) A Narrative no twitter anunciou o lançamento de novas canções para este ano. A banda também perguntou sobre uma forma de compartilhar isso via Cripto Art e NFT, ou fichas não-fungáveis. "Cripto Art se refere a raras obras de arte digital associadas a fichas exclusivas que existem na cadeia de bloqueio. Similar às obras de arte tradicionais, o conceito permite comprar, vender e comercializar mercadorias digitais como se fossem físicas", como explica Adam Korenman em "School Of Motion" (link) As atualizações desta notícia podem vir no futuro. Veja abaixo o tweet e também siga a banda em @the_narrative A banda está procurando artistas para produzir uma arte para as músicas e vendê-la via Crypto Art e NFT. Traduzido com a versão gratuita do tradutor -
Vers le 18 novembre 2020, nous avons posté quelques photos de Jesse en studio en train d'enregistrer quelques chansons. A ce moment là, rien n'a été confirmé par le groupe comme étant une nouvelle sortie. Hier (03 février 2021), The Narrative a annoncé sur Twitter la sortie de nouvelles chansons pour cette année. Le groupe s'est également renseigné sur un moyen de partager cela via le Cripto Art et les NFT, ou jetons non fongibles. "Le Crypto Art fait référence à des œuvres d'art numériques rares associées à des jetons uniques qui existent sur la blockchain. Comme pour les œuvres d'art traditionnelles, le concept permet d'acheter, de vendre et d'échanger des biens numériques comme s'ils étaient physiques", comme l'explique Adam Korenman dans "School Of Motion" (lien). Des mises à jour de cette nouvelle pourraient arriver à l'avenir. Voir ci-dessous le tweet et suivez également le groupe à @the_narrative Le groupe recherche des artistes pour produire une illustration pour les chansons et la vendre via Crypto Art et NFT. Traduit avec (version gratuite)

Friday, 4 December 2020

The Narrative's Spotify updated with Bio and photos

The spotify page from The Narrative has been updated now with a band photo and the section "About" was added with a snippet from Wikipedia and Social media links.

Since the last release from 2016, the profile only received a 'verified artist' blue sign. The photo featured is from 2016s photoshoot. See it below

Here's a look at their profile page:

The Full Screen player:

Get over to spotify and stream the band's albuns. 


Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Timeline: 4 years of 'Golden Silence' album

 Today, december 2, the album "Golden Silence" complete it's 4th year of release. It was released in 2016, 4 years after the first production proccess. Here's a timeline about the process of the album featuring interviews and photos.

2011 - The Narrative finished promoting the Self-titled album with a tour, performances on Warped tour and CMJ Music Marathon.

March 26, 2012 - The band started the process of recording the album. The album was recorded inside a house barn in Hunter, NY. (Absolutepunk). A video published by the band on vimeo in 2012, show the process of the barn being ajusted into a studio. 



"The Narrative has a Koto" was previously posted on YouTube by the band.

April, 2012 - The band finished recording the main vocals and instrumentals/harmonies for the post production of the album. On april 21, the band released a lyric video of their song "Hallelujah" featured on B-Sides and Seasides, with images from march on the barn.

April, 2012 to 2014, they spent working in personal stuff and the album production at RedWireAudio in New York with Bryan Russell, Richard Flack and Justin Long. From the official web-site the band published a message 

SEPTEMBER 24, 2012
Hey all you hip and trendy followers of our little band! We just wanted to give you a quick update since we haven't in a little while.

We're currently in the studio with our good buddy/producer/expert marathonist, Bryan Russell, hammering out the last of the tracking for the songs we started working on in March.

Right now the focus has been laying down the remainder of the backing vocals and harmonies as well as sorting through a bunch of instrumental arrangements that we worked on with the very brilliant Alex Overington.

The new album is definitely shaping up different from the older records, but we think it still has that same Narrative charm you all have grown to love! There are a lot of lush, orchestral or quasi-orchestral arrangements mixed in with some electronic components and of course our usual piano/guitar/drums/bass thing, but even throughout the more "grandiose" songs there is a feeling of intimacy. Think Jimmy Eat World meets Bon Iver meets Counting Crows meets Regina Spektor meets Arcade Fire meets Modest Mouse meets Bruce Springsteen meets a whole bunch of other stuff. That should straighten it out for you.

Anyway, we're really excited about it and we hope you don't mind us taking our time and trying to get it all right.

We might have some East Coast shows coming up in November and December and we'll keep you posted about that. We hope to be back to touring early next year with the release of some new material.

In the meantime, please remember that we are so grateful for your support! Without you we wouldn't be able to be doing this, and for that we are forever in your debt.

Jesse & Suzie
(archive) (print)

November, 11, 2013 - The Narrative filmed their first music video for the single (at the time untitled) on Allentown, PA. 

June 03, 2014 - The Narrative announced the releasing date of their first single off the album "Chasing a Feeling" with the premiere of the music video on july, 28, 2014. It was directed by the photographers Sean O'Kane with help of Hilary J. Corts.

January 12, 2016 - Released the promotional single "Moving Out" (Premiere on No Country For New Nashville)

January 27, 2016 - Released the single "Toe The Line" and following on October 28, 2016 the song "California Sun" (premiere).The song was featured in Indie Shuffle as "

California Sun" is smooth rays of golden sunshine shining effortlessly on your face. Unnoticeable yet warm.

November 9, 2016 - Promoting the album release, they published the song "Oklahoma Air" premiering at Impose Magazine (premiere) followed by the song "Reason To Leave" at Glide Magazine, that said 

The song is about the hypocrisies and double standards of US immigration policies. Set to a lush orchestral instrumental backdrop, the song waxes and wanes through moments of both calm resolution and subtle chaos.

December, 2, 2016 - Finally, The Narrative released the 12 track album "Golden Silence". The title is featured in "California Sun" at the lyrics read "It feels good with the sun in your eyes, good vibes and the golden silence".

The album can be purchased digitally at Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon

You can stream the album below from bandcamp. Let's celebrate the 4th anniversary of this amazing album!


Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Instagram: Is The Narrative recording a new song?

Since 2016, The Narrative released their last album "Golden Silence". A new photo posted on Red Wire Audio Production (@redwireaudioproduction) on Instagram, suggest that the band is "recording" something new. Also, Charlie Seich, former drummer from "Just Say Yes" and "The Narrative" appears in the drums at this photo.
As anything is posted officially by the band or any member, something is on its the way. Further updates will be made.

See the photo from instagram below


Thursday, 5 March 2020

The Narrative post message about Nashville tornado

On Tuesday (03) a series of tornadoes, damaged and destructed parts of the state of Nashville, TN, leaving more than 24 deads, at the time (AP).

The band, that moved on 2016 to Nashville, posted a message on Instagram about the storms and making a safety noticed about their families:

We are truly heartbroken over the loss of lives in our community from the tornadoes earlier this week. It’s taken a few days to really process it.

For those that checked in on us, we appreciate you. For the technology that sent out emergency alerts and woke us up in the middle of a dead sleep just in time to collect our kids from their beds, we appreciate you.

 Check the full post below on Instagram

We are truly heartbroken over the loss of lives in our community from the tornadoes earlier this week. It’s taken a few days to really process it. As the shock is lifting, the feeling is setting in. Too many close calls. So much to rebuild. Some things that can never be undone. An incredible effort locally to clean up and support. It’s hard to put all the feelings into words. So thankful that our homes weren’t hit and that our children were spared, and that our safe zones weren’t put to the ultimate test. We were just a mile from the worst of the damage. Being here is not the same as seeing pictures. Walking the streets is what will humble you. For those that checked in on us, we appreciate you. For the technology that sent out emergency alerts and woke us up in the middle of a dead sleep just in time to collect our kids from their beds, we appreciate you. For everyone who still managed to get out and vote the day after all of this, we appreciate you. For everyone cleaning up this mess, we appreciate you. We appreciate you. #nashvillestrong #thenarrativemusic #nashville #ibelieveinnashville
Uma publicação compartilhada por The Narrative (@thenarrativemusic) em

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Behind The Lyrics: Jesse Tells The History Of "Eyes Closed"

*This is an old restored post

The Narrative asked on Facebook for questions about everything that involves the band. A lot of people, asked about the lyrics of their songs, and they started the first 'series' with the history of "Eyes Closed". Check out below the post on Facebook made by Jesse.


Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Instagram Updates: New photos from The Narrative

We posted about the Narrative's come back on Instagram, with a video from 2012, and the band is getting ahead from the not active years. They have been posting some lyrics from the album "Golden Silence" from 2016. Below, you can see the posts. We'll be updating this one when more lyrics are posted.


Monday, 24 February 2020

The Narrative post new video on Instagram from 2012

After 3 years without being active on social media, The Narrative is back with some posts from 2012 around the time where the band was planning to record their album, on 12, May 2012.
The band posted a video still from another video that was featured on their Youtube page speaking about the donations for the people that donated to the album recording process.

You can check the video below and also follow the band on Instagram here


Saturday, 2 September 2017

Friday, 2 December 2016

12.02: The Narrative releases their new album 'Golden Silence'

Today, December 2, The Narrative released their long waited second studio album titled Golden Silence. After 4 years of production, the 12-track album is a mixture of their lives, their stories, and musical influences. Different from their previous albums, Golden Silence is a male-female album featuring a modern yet classic sound composition. Songs such as "Oklahoma Air" hold a country air and in "Reason to Leave" the banjo screams for freedom. "Chasing a Feeling" put the atmosphere in a cool upbeat and as "California Sun" holds to "It feels good with the sun in your eyes, good vibes and the golden silence".

Listen to Golden Silence on the player bellow and feel the golden sound of this long waited album. Available on iTunes also.


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Lyric Videos: 'Toe The Line'

In January, The Narrative have released two songs from their upcoming new album, "Toe The Line" and "Moving Out", and we've made some lyric videos for those songs! You can read/listen to the songs bellow. Both are available on iTunes
Update: February 22, 2021: The video got lost, but there's a one-minute long from the original.