The Narrative posts new pictures on recording sessions

The Narrative posted at Instagram ( @thenarrativemusic ) a new photo from some recording sessions for new songs. Description : The photos features Suzie holding a microphone and wearing headphones, Jesse is at her left (photo perspective) holding the acoustic guitar. UPDATE Also, 22 july, Bryan Russell (band's producer) posted a new photo form Suzie in the studio recording as the caption says, "Tracking vocals in new places." See the photo below and click here to see the other photos.  

New photos of The Narrative posted on Instagram

 The band posted today new photos with the captions about the band's merch. Jesse and Suzie poses to the photo with the Logo Hoodie. You can get the band's official merch at or Storenvy .  Also the band posted videos on Stories signing the vinyls from "The Narrative". Watch on our new reddit community about the band r/thenarrativemusic See the photo below and follow the band at @thenarrativemusic To do list: (1) pack up a bunch of merch orders (thank you!!!) (2) take a picture in said merch looking extremely cool. Did we fail or did we succeed? You decide.

Listen to The Narrative's new song 'Monoliths'

The Narrative released on june 14, 2021 their first single "Monoliths" since the release of the second studio album "Golden Silence". We posted some news about the release of the song some weeks ago and here it is! The single is finally released and you can listen to it bellow. The song is classified as Folk/World music and is published by Future Billionaires. Recorded at Red Wire Audio and produced by Bryan Russell. Stream on Spotify Buy the song on iTunes/Stream Apple Music Amazon Deezer Spread the news and share with your friends the new song. And rememeber to support the artists buying the music if you can. Independent musicians can grow with their fans! Full HD cover from the single. The artwork of the single features a photo from West Bank in Israel. The photo is from Jesse's site.

The Narrative - Monoliths Lyrics

The Narrative posted a new Medium entry wrote by Jesse talking about the process of writing a song. " Lyrics have always been as much of a joy as a struggle for me, but the older I get the more I grapple with my lyrical multiple personalities. " he writes.   The post also talks about the meaning of the new song "Monoliths". Here's the lyrics: It was cold in Atlanta A frigid wind dragged you in Sat you down beside my kin And we drove to Savannah Sullen trees bearing leaves Susurrating in the breeze Somewhere there’s a fever rising up Hearts apprised of universal dust But if it’s not enough it’s not enough The monoliths of metal turn to rust When we bailed out of Georgia There was fire in the air Orphaned houses everywhere So you wept in a corner Singing names of your friends Who you’ll never hold again Somewhere there’s a fever rising up Hearts apprised of universal dust And if it’s not enough it’s not enough The monoliths of metal turn to rust I’ve been waiting

New photo on The Narrative's instagram about 'Monoliths'

To promote the new song "Monoliths", The Narrative had posted a new photo on their Instagram account @thenarrativemusic. The band captioned the photo with the proccess of recording a song during the pandemic of Covid-19: We have a new song coming out on 6/14. It’s called Monoliths. We recorded it during the pandemic and practiced it on my (Suzie’s) back porch far enough away from each other that we wouldn’t give each other COVID if we had it, but close enough to know we had some really pretty harmonies going. We can’t wait to share it with you. It is the *exact opposite* of a happy summer jam that a band might release around this time of year but we’ve never been good at following the trends so... Check the photo from Warped Tour in 2011 by Vicky Dinka. Follow The Narrative on Instagram at @thenarrativemusic  

The Narrative shares backstage recording of live on WOOD-TV 'West Vibe Eight West'

 On july 25, 2010 The Narrative performed at the WOOD-TV 'West Vibe Eight West' "Music & Food: The taste of Grand Rapids-MI". On instagram, The Narrative posted a footage of the live performance of "Sirens & Silence" in the backstages of the Wood-Tv. Watch the IG-TV here to open on Instagram The interview and performance was upload on youtube, but the original uploader deleted and we re-uploaded it again. 

The Narrative's new song 'Monoliths' to be released 6/14

The Narrative announced via Instagram a new song to be released on the 6/14. The song titled 'Monoliths' is the first song since the full lenght album "Golden Silence". More infos will be released soon. You can pre-save the song on Spotify here The song is already registered at BMI.  Check the storie below. Follow the band on Instagram @thenarrativemusic