Eyes Closed

Music: 'Eyes Closed' (Noctilucent Remix)

8:07 AM
Para Music Group

The Narrative on Para Music Group Promotional Video

7:30 AM
Para Music Group

The Narrative at The Players Club meeting with Para Music Group

5:44 AM
Eyes Closed

Music: 'Eyes Closed' Remix by Mauro Valdemi

7:13 AM

The Narrative at Para Music Group Event 'War Room'

11:20 AM

6 New Itens at The Narrative's Webstore

1:35 PM

The Narrative answer comments on Facebook

5:26 PM
New Album

The Narrative to release New Single and Music Video

6:44 AM

Jesse Gabriel releases 'Here, Sit, Stay' solo Album

5:51 PM
Don't Want To Fall

Behind The Lyric: Suzie tells the history of 'Don't Want To Fall'

7:19 AM