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The Narrative answer comments on Facebook

The Narrative answered to more comments on Facebook, where they talked about "Libra", inspiration for the albuns covers, the follow-up song of "Chasing a Feeling" and more! Check out the post bellow:

Update: "The Narrative Brazil" is now "The Narrative Fans"

The Narrative Brazil changed name to The Narrative Fans. The website started with news in Portuguese, but from 2 years of it, the views of the site came 50% from English speakers countries, so we decided to change the site in full english language.
The twitter and site domain will NOT change, @the_narrativebr and will be the access to the site as normal, because start again with another domain, we will lost this 2 years and a half of work for The Narrative and we don't want to. So welcome again to The Narrative Fans, now a worldwide fansite dedicated to The Narrative.
- Murilo

The Narrative to release New Single and Music Video

The Narrative was featured on October 31, in an interview at the website A Music Blog, Yea? and they talked about the next releases of the band. Check out what they said:

AMBY: Hello The Narrative, thank you for speaking with us today. What have you been up to lately?
TN: We’re actually in the midst of mastering our next single, mixing a full length album, and planning a new music video. Pretty exciting stuff!

The second single will probably be released this year, not confirmed yet, but as the band stated in other interviews, we can have a chance to listen to new material still this year. If you haven't listened to the first single "Chasing a Feeling" click here to!

Also read the full interview here, where they talked about the concept about "Chasing a Feeling" music video costumes and theme, covers and more.

Jesse Gabriel releases "Here, Sit, Stay" solo Album

Was announced on February 15 , 2014, that Jesse Gabriel (guitar/vocals) have recorded an solo EP with Bryan Russell and it was set to be released in the fall. We are in the fall, and the EP is here! Under the name of "Here, Sit, Stay" it features 10 tracks and is the first solo project released by Jesse. Listen to the EP bellow and also buy on iTunes:

B U Y   O N   i T U N E S

Behind The Lyric: Suzie tells the history of "Don't Want To Fall"

Another "Behind The Lyrics" of Suzie Zeldin talking about the history of "Don't Want to Fall". Read the post bellow posted on facebook.

Read about "Eyes Closed"

New Photoshoot of 2012 in HD

This is an new/old picture published by Vicky Dinka from The Narrative's photoshoot at the barn recording the new album. Click on the image to see the HD picture:

Cover: "Chasing a Feeling" por Tyler Samuels

Ouça esse incrível cover acústico de "Chasing a Feeling" por Tyler Samuels / Hear this amazing acoustic cover of "Chasing a Feeling" performed by Tyler Samuels.

Behind the lyrics: Jesse tells the history of "Eyes Closed"

The Narrative asked on facebook for questions about everything that involves the band. Lot of people, asked about the lyrics of their songs, and today, they started the first 'series' with the history of "Eyes Closed". Check out bellow the post on facebook made by Jesse.

Listen another demo of "End All Arrival" posted on MySpace in 2007

Em 2007, o The Narrative começou a gravar algumas músicas para lançar o seu primeiro EP, "Just Say Yes". A canção "End All", lançada mais tarde no álbum "The Narative", gravada em 2007, recebeu sua versão demo em "B-Sides and Seasides". Porém, a banda lançou a primeira demo da música no MySpace quando ainda eram chamados de January Window. Essa demo contém alguns vocais diferentes da música original no meio e no final. Ouça abaixo a "Nova-Antiga-Demo" de "End All Arrival" (nome dado em 2007)
In 2007, The Narrative start to record some jams to release their first EP, "Just Say Yes". The song "End All", released later on "The Narrative", recorded in 2007, received a Demo release at "B-Sides and Seasides". Although, The Narrative released the FIRST demo of it on their MySpace still calling themselves of "January Window". This Demo contains of differents vocals in the middle and in the end of the song. Listen to the 'New-Old-Demo" of "End All Arrival" (titled in 2007) :

6th Anniversary of "Just Say Yes" EP

Hoje, 30 de Agosto de 2014, O EP "Just Say Yes" do The Narrative completa 6 anos de seu lançamento ocorrido em 2008. As gravações do EP começaram em 2007 após a banda ter se conhecido
pelo Craiglist. O EP foi destaque duas no site MySpace na época e músicas dele estão em séries da MTV e Nickeloden. Ouça o EP abaixo:

Today, August 30, 2014, The Narrative's debut EP "Just Say Yes" complets 6 years of its release back in 2008. The recordings of the EP started in 2007 after the band meeting through Craiglist. The EP was featured twice at MySpace and have songs in series of MTV and Nickelodeon. Stream the EP bellow

#JustSayYes #6thAnniversary